Benedikt Christ

February 15, 2018

Benedikt contributes to the tracing studies aiming to understand and improve retention in care among HIV-infected individuals with data from different IeDEA-SA sites. His interest is to receive both, quantitative and qualitative insights by using different approaches and methodologies.

 Benedikt has a background in epidemiology/parasitology in organic animal husbandry (MSc in Epidemiology, FibL/Swiss TPH/University of Basel). He holds a biology teacher diploma for high schools and is experienced in international development cooperation by working for an NGO in Tanzania (different health topics). He is particularly interested in the interface between research and development cooperation, what he deepened by recent works (Medicus Mundi Switzerland: Implementation Research of Swiss NGOs Working in the Field of International Health Cooperation; Unité: The Multilevel Approach in the Swiss Exchange of Personnel in Development Cooperation).