Dr Carl Morrow

September 13, 2021

Prior to his 11 years of HIV and TB research in an interdisciplinary academic NGO, Carl has had a rather reticulate scientific career starting with Botany, Biochemistry and Microbiology undergraduate study, a PhD in Botany (Global Change Biology)I and post-doctoral fellowship (Belowground Microbial Ecology and nutrient cycling).   After this he spent a period of time organising conferences and teaching high school science before re-joining an academic unit as data manager for their HIV cohorts.   This role evolved ending up with a passionate interest in the biology of TB transmission.

Joining IeDEA-SA has created new horizons with exciting challenges within large dataset public health research.

I am a reflective thinker who finds the world a curious place and enjoys the creative challenge of linking complex observations together to generate unique answers to problems.