Kirsten Reichmuth
(MPH 2015)

March 13, 2017

Kirsten’s MPH thesis addressed the challenge of adherence to lifelong cART whilst maintaining future regimen options for vertically infected children. This study evaluated a simplification strategy – substituting efavirenz for lopinavir-ritonavir (LPV/r) in children older than 3 years maintaining virologic suppression, thereby allowing for a once-a-day regimen and for re-use of LPV/r later on. In this cohort of children exposed to no more than a single dose of nevirapine as infant prophylaxis, the virologic outcomes in the EFV substitution group were no worse than those of children remaining on their initial LPV/r-based regimen. Kirsten has run the ARV services at the public sector New Somerset Hospital since 2010. She is about to embark on a new journey in community and family medicine, with part-time research work at UCT.