Serra Lem Asangbeh

December 17, 2018

Serra completed her Master’s degree in Public health from the Catholic University of Central Africa, Cameroon in 2014. Her dissertation focused on “Depression and health related quality of life in patients on antiretroviral therapy in a rural health district in Cameroon”. Before joining the Institute of Social and Preventive Medicine (ISPM) to pursue a PhD in 2018, she was the project leader for a clinical trial comparing Dolutegravir and Efavirenz 400, both combined with Tenofovir and Lamivudine for the initial treatment of patients infected with HIV in Cameroon. Results from this trial were recently “welcomed” by the World Health Organization following the updated recommendations for first and second line antiretroviral regimens.
Her PhD work focuses on “Developing a Cervical Cancer Prevention and Care Cascade for low and middle-income countries”. This tool will effectively monitor screening programs to optimize gains (curb cervical cancer-related morbidity and mortality) as well as facilitate program scale-up for women living with HIV in LMICs.